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Women working in the IT industry share their experiences - covering the opportunities they have had, the challenges they have had to overcome during their careers to date, and offering plenty of constructive thoughts and observations as to what improvements still need to be made when it comes to improving diversity within the workplace.

Episode 1: Matillion • Laura Malins

Interview with Laura Malins, Vice President of Product at Matillion.

Laura has always wanted to work in IT. She loves computers and studied Maths at University. By accident she fell in to consulting for data software, and has continued to work in IT roles ever since.

Episode 2: Apptio • Mallory Beaudreau

Interview with Mallory Beaudreau, Customer Portfolio Director - EMEA at Apptio.

Mallory has a masters degree from the London School of Economics. During the recession she went back the the US. Her journey to tech became a way to come back to Europe.

Episode 3: Gemserv • Camilla Winlo

Interview with Camilla Winlo, Head of Data Privacy at Gemserv.

Camilla spent the first years of her career in marketing where she helped to launch 3 financial services brands. She discovered that she really liked working with regulatory change and finding ways to make it commercially successful for organisations.

Episode 4: Endava • Helena Nimmo

Interview with Helena Nimmo, CIO at Endava.

Helena loved gardening and originally wanted to be a florist. After working with Nokia, she became interested in the technology that made life easier.

Episode 5: Rackspace Technology • Liz Parnell

Interview with Liz Parnell, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA, at Rackspace Technology.

Liz came from a military family and studied political science at university. She got into IT by accident whilst working in retail, where an IT project opportunity presented itself.

Episode 6: Innovateher • Chelsea Slater

Interview with Chelsea Slater, CEO at InnovateHer.

Chelsea has always had a passion for innovation. From the age of 16 she studied marketing, graphic design, and multimedia at college which lead her to digital marketing.

Episode 7: Mulesoft • Emely Patra

Interview with Emely Patra, Regional VP and Head of EMEA Customer Success Strategy and Architecture, at MuleSoft.

After being introduced to computers by her father at the age of 10, Emely spent her young life learning about programming. After leaving school she went on to study this new emerging area at university, which lead on to her first job as a software engineer.

Over the coming weeks we will be sending out further Women in IT video specials, and adding more articles to our websites. By the end of the year, this will mean that there are more than 30 video interviews and a similar quantity of articles on this topic – making it an invaluable resource for individuals and organisations alike who want to learn more about the realities of diversity in the digital workplace.

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